"Oh, Yes I Can"

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Oh, Yes I Can! copy.jpg

"Oh, Yes I Can"



WRITTEN & ILLUSTRATED by Robinette Apelgren

This is a children’s book for elementary level school children.



Format:  Paperback

Number of Pages:  36

Publication Date:  2007

ISBN: 978-0-9799911-0-3

Price: $10.00 with free shipping


This is a true story about Carmen Apelgren, visually impaired since seven years old.  Her positive outlook on life is the theme as she tries to do what a regular sighted child could do.  There are great life lessons for everyone.

This is an excellent book for the homeschooled child.  Using the book as a resource and outlined in the appendix, there are suggestions of what topics, lessons, and skills can be taught to the students.

Also included is one page of raised tactile graphics and Braille for the sighted child to experience what a visually impaired child uses to read. 

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