God's ABCs on Mothering

God's ABCs Book Cover copy.jpg
God's ABCs Book Cover copy.jpg

God's ABCs on Mothering



WRITTEN & ILLUSTRATED by Robinette Apelgren

This is a book for mothers of all ages.


Format:  Paperback

Number of Pages:  55 

Publication Date:  2011

ISBN:  978-1460975725

Price:  $12.99 with free shipping [This is a 30% discount over Amazon.com]

Mothering is one of the most rewarding experiences a woman can have, as well as one of the greatest challenges. It is the hope and prayer that after reading God's ABC's on Mothering the attributes required of a godly mother will have been clearly portrayed. Flowers representing these characteristics are interwoven within the book's pages. These traits have been under girded with appropriate scripture verses.

This book is excellent as a gift for expecting mothers, mothers or grandmothers for the holidays or perfect for Mother’s Day.

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